Thank you for joining us in the Educational Arm of the MMHTT.   

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Our efforts in our Educational Arm focus on a singular, experimental curriculum titled ART APPRECIATION.  The ART APPRECIATION curriculum is spread across ten instructional videos that look at what art is (the viscous space between objects), how art functions (by being a glue-like substance that draws us out and sticks us together into communities of gifted-giving objects), and how we might appreciate it (by allowing art to soften our object edges turning all of us into the GIFT).


ART APPRECIATION is a multi-part anarcho-educational video program that is taking the country by storm.  It is a program that teaches objectshuman objects, art objects etc.how to become art appreciators. As citizens of the Earth, the MMHTT believes becoming healthy art appreciators is our primary job as we navigate life in the second axial age, seeking to avoid CATASTROPHY.  One ought not think of this as an art appreciation curriculum for a future dark apocalypse.  Rather this as an art appreciation curriculum for the light-filled afterlife of art after the end of art that is already upon us.  

This program bravely engages such big and complex subjects as:
  • speculative object theory
  • limitrophy
  • anti-onto theological notions of God
  • Malabou's Plasticity
  • Teilhard's Christogenesis
  • vertigo in the time of asymmetry
  • grinding your way from pigment to paint
  • successfully paying off a museum guard for "special privileges"
  • integrating the dread of losing yourself with the loathing of finding yourself, etc.

Organizing these and other subjects into easy-to-understand, topic-based lessons, set to toe-tapping music makes this a program that is fun for the whole family.  

This curriculum offers groups the opportunity to discuss topics such as:
  • Out of which hole should art come?
  • When entering an art work, how does one "do no harm" when the action of one object entering another object is a necessarily violent act?
  • Is a good vibration for one a good vibration for all when it is an auto-deconstructive good vibration?
  • How and why did Roland Barthes' killing spree of authors not go far enough?
  • Is interpreting art more like shooting horses in a barrel or castrating a demon with the dull end of a stick?

And much, much, much more...

Though it is our aim to deliver this transformative educational series to the community immediately, our lawyers are asking us to hold off until we settle an intellectual property dispute related to this series.  As soon as this is settled we will rush these videos to you topped with a red bow signifying the good and generous gift this video series is to the world.  If you would like to be notified when these videos begin to be posted, as well as receiving information on upcoming events, goods and services, please join our mailing list.